Memo Luxor Oud Eau de Parfum

The gateway of Luxor is humanity’s oldest prayer site, a place where time stands still on the banks of the Nile. Under the shade of the colossus Ramses II, roses and fruits grow wild amongst the temple stones. Luxor Oud presents this majestic, mystical place in all of its balance between the ancient and the natural, freshness and sensuality vibrating in harmony with deep, resinous wood.

Luxor Oud’s balance comes from the classic marriage of rose and oud; in this case, a lush mixture of rose absolute given juicy fullness from essence of mandarin. Against this backdrop, the marvelous oud accord- robust and full-bodied with not a hint of medicinal artificiality- exudes quiet power. By recreating the harmony of a sacred place claimed equally by nature and the gods, Luxor Oud is another beautifully transportive fragrance from MEMO Paris.


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