• Memo Tiger’s Nest Eau de Parfum

    With Tiger’s Nest, MEMO draws on the full beauty of this sacred place- spiritual, cultural, and geographic- to deliver a sublime incense scent both joyfully bright and richly nuanced. Sparkling citrus and aldehyde notes contrast against a bitter, herbaceous absinthe accord, elevating the consciousness and opening the way for a gorgeous incense- cool, ethereal, gently smoky- that weaves in delicate spice and subtly sweet, transparent florals for a profoundly transportative mood.

  • Memo African Rose Eau De Parfum

    Memo Paris journeys are not always long. During brief yet extraordinary stopovers, a fragrance can be dreamed up for a limited edition. It dresses up in gold and light. When African Leather was veiled in rose, it unveiled an amazing interlude for a journey of renewed pleasure. African Rose Eau De Parfum reveals notes of oil of bergamot, geranium absolute, oil of patchouli, rose absolute and a leather accord.

  • Memo Granada Eau de Parfum

    Granada opens sweet and bright, with bergamot and African orange flower balancing atop a delightfully dry grenadine note. The jasmine emerges, first virginally clean, then lightly indolic, its transition smoothed with a hazy heliotrope.

  • Memo Italian Leather Eau de Parfum

    The first impressions of Italian Leather are fresh and green: tomato leaf and soft, lightly herbal vanilla, accompanied by a sharp, young leather that invigorates. As the leather matures and mixes with orris root and resinous galbanum, the warm, spicy outdoorsy qualities give off a hint of motor oil and coastal air, leaving us relaxed and excited all at once.

  • Memo Winter Palace Eau de Parfum

    A stunning fantasia of fiery resins and smooth tea, Winter Palace is a mythological vision of China where dragons soar and intrigue lurks behind every gate. We’re swept away from the opening burst of rich, oily, tea-infused citrus- miles from both the salty freshness of a Mediterranean citrus scent or the sunny sweetness of a California one- balanced against robust, gently toasty maté.

  • Memo Moon Fever Eau de Parfum

    Moon Fever draws you in with a crisp, full citrus opening, blending fresh juicy mandarin with tart grapefruit, bright lemon and a lovely bitter orange for a citrus blend that’s unexpectedly cool and full-bodied.

  • Memo Inle Eau de Parfum

    Inlé opens with herbal and green facets that sing of dawn- lightly bitter artemisa meets cooling mint and robust bergamot. As the sun creeps above the horizon, sweet, exotic osmanthus is supported with a clean jasmine and a toasted, herbal maté, invigorating the senses while still keeping the calm of the early morning.

  • Memo Luxor Oud Eau de Parfum

    The gateway of Luxor is humanity’s oldest prayer site, a place where time stands still on the banks of the Nile. Under the shade of the colossus Ramses II, roses and fruits grow wild amongst the temple stones. Luxor Oud presents this majestic, mystical place in all of its balance between the ancient and the natural, freshness and sensuality vibrating in harmony with deep, resinous wood.

  • Memo African Leather Eau de Parfum

    African Leather opens with a burst of gorgeously vivid exoticism, as stunningly bright bergamot illuminates a wondrous and wild blend of green, herbal spices, cardamom, cumin and saffron combining for a hugely evocative, ruggedly sensual set of top notes.

  • Memo Kedu Eau de Parfum

    Kedu, nicknamed “the garden of Java” in Indonesia, is a plain bordered by a volcano. Its soil, which has been made fertile by the ash, is sacred. Glossy green palm trees nonchalantly rub shoulders with one-horned rhinoceros, giant flowers in changing colours, prehistoric buffalo and bent-backed pilgrims.

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